Frequently Asked Questions

What is included when I hire an e-bike?
  • E-bike, helmet, bike lock, fluorescent vests/spray jackets available.
  • Everything sanitised and checked before each hire.
  • An induction is conducted at pick up to seat you and run through the e-bike features.
  • Local cycling route suggestions.
  • Back up support is only a phone call away.
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A Guided Tour sounds perfect, but I am not used to riding on roads

Let our friendly Guide show you the highlights of The Hills and put together a Tour that suits your start and finish locations, interests, abilities and time preferences. This includes skills and techniques for everyday cycling, commuting and touring on and off road. Contact us to arrange.

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I have booked online. Is there anything else I need to do on the day?

Each rider needs to show their Driver’s Licence at pick-up, which may be photographed.
You will need to sign a hard copy of the E-Go Bike Hire Risk Acknowledgement Waiver.

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What should I wear for the e-bike ride?

Dress for the weather in comfortable clothing to enjoy the great outdoors.
Wear closed-toe shoes (runners are ideal).

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Is there anything else I should bring?

A full water bottle that can fit a bidon cage on the e-bike is ideal.
Also consider bringing sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, and a spray jacket if rain is likely.

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Can start and finish times be customised from the 9am till 4pm?
Yes!  We understand that customers may have a plan in place. Contact us to arrange preferred times.  
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We would like to ride to lunch, and finish the ride there. Is this possible?

Certainly!  You may start at one location and finish at the Uraidla Hotel or any of our Tourism Partners, or if a Group of 4+, name your start and pick up location.  

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When do we need to charge the e-bike battery?

Our premium electric bikes are high quality German designed and made. Our bikes, ridden in the Hills can travel between 25-60 km’s on a single charge. For Multi Day Hire we include a Battery Charger which will fully charge the battery overnight.

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What if we need to cancel our Booking?

Cancellations receive full refund up to 48 hours prior to Hire or Tour date, and on catastrophic weather days for the Mt Lofty Ranges when our business will be closed.

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I’ve never ridden an e-Bike before.  Is it difficult?

It is just like riding a normal bike with the gears on the right hand side of the handlebars, and on the left hand side you have a small computer, much like an apple watch, with four different modes to press the amount of assistance you would like. We make sure you are seated correctly, and run through all the features of the e-bike with you, including a test ride before starting. It is so much fun to see the delight on peoples faces when they first try the e-Bikes!

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Will I be fit enough to ride in the Hills?  It has been a while since I rode a bike.

If you can hop on a normal bike and ride 5km’s on flattish land, you will be thrilled to be able to enjoy riding up hill and dale on an electric bike as it can take all the hard work out of it. This is a great way for everyone on the ride to either work out, or take it easy! You ought to be able to ride around 20-30 km’s.

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How fast does an e-Bike go?

​E-bikes are like a normal bike which you have to peddle, but with the battery assist it makes it so much fun keeping up with friends and riding up hills. Under Australian Law, the motor assistance drops out when you reach 25 km per hour.

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Does E-Go Bike Hire sell e-Bikes and a few riding extra bits and pieces?

Yes we do! E-Go Bike Hire is passionate about more people riding more often for all the right reasons and helping people find just the right e-bike for their needs and lifestyle. We are able to offer new Trek Bikes at competitive prices with full warranties and guarantees and soon to expand to other top cycling brands.

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