‘Charge Up the Hill’ 2022

Don’t have an e-bike for ‘Charge Up the Hill’ 2022 – Rent one of ours!

Book the morning session from 9am on 20th March, 2022. Your bike and helmet will be waiting for you at the start.

Join in the 22km fun electric bike ride ‘Charge Up the Hill’ on Sunday, 20th March, 2022.
From Pakapakanthi/Victoria Park Grandstand to the Uraidla Sustainability Fair at the Uraidla Show Grounds.
‘Charge Up the Hill’ a free event departing at 10.00am arriving before midday.
Check in from 9.00am – 9.45am for the 10.00am departure.

Organised by the Imagine Uraidla Climate Action & Renewable Energy Group.
You must also register for each event separately here: ‘Charge Up the Hill’ and ‘Uraidla Sustainability Fair

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‘Charge Up the Hill’ Event Details

Charge Up the Hill is a free e-bike event intended to showcase how e-bikes can make the hardest bike trips do-able for most people.

We need to cut our addiction to fossil fuels and e-bikes are the best way for us to cut our commuting pollution.

Best because we don’t need to bury more land in carparks and roads

Best because one can ride further, steeper, and carry more than fitness may allow

Best because cycling is low impact exercise

Best because exercise improves physical and mental health

Best because a normal household socket will charge a bike

Better still powered by renewable energy – you can ride on sunshine and wind